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This cable is for iOS and Android devices

You need this 20 PIN adapter only, if you have an OBD port under the hood.

This might be the case if your build year is earlier than 2001 with these models:


  • 3 Series (E36) 
  • 3 Series (E46) 
  • 5 Series (E39) 
  • 7 Series (E38) 
  • Z3 (E36)

The images above show what you need for Android in addition.

Interface specification: 

  • Data transfer rate: 38400 8-N-1 
  • Voltage: 12V nominal 
  • Idle current: 45mv 
  • No adapters or extra power supply needed
  • Powered via OBD2 interface of car 
  • Dimensions:6 x 5 x 2 cm with 20 PIN angle
  • Length: 30 cm