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Limited availability for the introductory price!

Operate the music of your smartphone legally via bluetooth, while driving without mounting it in the car!


Compatible with Android 4.0 and iOS 3.0 bluetooth or newer versions


Your advantages:

  • Safer operation of a car - audio control from the steering wheel or another place, which is easy to reach 
  • Enables the operation of music and other audio files through the sound system of your car or a mobile device
  • Legal handling of music from a smartphone or mp3 player while driving
  • Pairing of various bluetooth devices through the smartphone is possible
  • Individual mounting the of the Carly Media Control on a place of your choice
  • Plug 'n' play solution - wireless handling of audio devices without retrofitting possible
  • Carly Media Control is even portable thanks to the mounting with the steering wheel mount or the velcro sticker
  • Carly support for all questions
  • Detailled user manual


You can play, pause, regulate the volume and return or forward titles of music or other media recordings with the Carly Media Control, without even touching your smartphone.

Change songs without taking your eyes from the street and control video recordings directly from your couch without getting up!

The handling is really easy:

  1. Activate the bluetooth of your smartphone
  2. Press the pairing button on the back of the Carly Media Control a couple seconds
  3. As soon as a blue point blinks on the front, the device is seaching for a connection
  4. Select "Carly Media Control" in the bluetooth menu of the smartphone
  5. Now you can control the music of your smartphone from the Carly Media Control

TIPP! You can even play the music through the sound system of your car, and control it with the Carly Media Control, if you connect your smartphone via bluetooth with the sound system of your car (e.g. through the retrofitting of the Carly Bluetooth Multimedia / AUX interface)!

We set a high value on compatibility and quality, when choosing our product. The included battery has a durability of up to two years.


Additionally to the hardware, you get an user manual that shows you step by step how you connect, as usual for Carly service quality. It is a plug and play solution, with which you can start directly after the connection. The parallel usage of other bluetooth devices is possible.

You can fix the Medial Control on the steering wheel, thanks to the provided steering wheel mounting or mount it on a smooth surface of your choice with the velcro sticker. 


Moreover, you can contact the support, if you need help!


Content description:

  • Carly Media Control
  • Mounting for steering wheel
  • Velcro sticker for individual fixture
  • Keychain
  • User manual