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Quick answers to the most frequently asked questions




Does my car warranty expire after using Carly?


The app does only enable you to use "safe" features. More than 10m people worldwide use our app, and we have never been informed of any impacts on a car's warranty.


What should you do if you need help?


We have a group of experts that can help you with any problem. There is no technical barrier that we do not dare to overcome. We guarantee that we can handle all solvable cases - we offer you world-class customer service!


Is the adapter limited to a certain number of vehicles?


In contrast to similar systems, Carly is not limited to a certain number of vehicles, allowing you to analyze, personalize and maintain as many cars as you want to using Carly.



How do I know what features will work for my car?


You can check the available Carly features for your car model here. Besides, we offer you a 30-day test period for the Carly adapter during which you can test the functions of the app using the free lite version. You can send the adapter back to us within the given period in the case that you are not satisfied. Please contact us if you want to do so.



What is the difference between the Carly app Lite and Full version?


You can test all feature available for your car using the free lite version. In addition you will get one free diagnosis and one free car check. The full version allows you full and unlimited access to all features available for your car.



Does the price of the adapter include the full version of the app?


No, the adapter purchase does not include the app full version. Find out more about the app here.