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Get started with Carly now ...

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NOW: Buy the Adapter

Buy the right adapter to connect with your car. Wait until you have received the order. It also contains the link to the appropriate app.

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LATER: Download the free App

Download the appropriate app and use free features like a bug report and a used car check or use other features of the premium version.

Your Porsche works with Carly!


This Carly Original Adapter supports every Porsche starting from 2001 until today


Purchase this adapter and test the free app for your car brand with you individual vehicle - Every feature can be tested beforehand with your car - completely free of charge and risk!

All Carly for Porsche features -

Everything your car needs!

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Used Car Check

All control units are read out and compared to check whether someone tampered with the speedometer.

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Many more features

e.g. Carly Digital Garage

That's what our customers say:

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Michael P.

"I could uncover a manipulation before buying. Now I am very happy that I can be sure I own a car that is not tampered with. That's a nice feeling. Thanks a lot."

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Martin R.

"2 manipulated F10 BMW 5 Series, a 535d, and a 525d, not bought and very grateful! Great work and keep it up! "

100% safety before purchase - The most frequent questions:

First of all-
That´s what you need to start with Carly...

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NOW: Buy this Adapter

Buy the right Adapter to be able to connect with your car. You can do nothing wrong - you have 30 days to give it back and a lifetime warranty! 

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 LATER: Download the free App

After buying the Adapter you will get a link for the right App.  In the free version you can test the compatibility with your car.


What is your advantage with the Carly Orginal Adapter?

Recommended by Experts  - Det Müller introduces Carly

Det Müller is the expert of used cars. For years we have developed our Orginal Adapters and adapted the app perfectly to the adapter, 

Together with the tips from Det Müller, Carly helps you with the electronics of your car.


What does Carly offer for your own car?

Carly  supports every BMW and VAG model from ca 1994.

Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota and Renault from ca 2004.


You can test each feature with the free App on your car. Just buy the Adapter, insert it and test the functions. Every car is just as unique as the owner.
So we give you the possibility to test it for free!


Why does every car owner need Carly?

"Carly is for life" - Det Müller


There is no more powerful car-app worldwide than Carly. You get a lifetime warranty, a "7 day a week" support and the biggest selection of electronic functions and advantages on your car.


What is the difference between the
Lite and Full Version of the App?

The free Lite Version will take you into the Carly world!


The Full Version allows you an unlimited access to all functions. Additionally you get a Carly Digital Garage user. All reports and data of your vehicle will saved with that for you - your car in your pocket.


How do you get from buying the adapter to all possibilties with the App?

"We have developed  Carly in such a way that you don´t have to worry about anything"


After you have inserted the adapter, you will have a complete connection to your vehicle in several seconds. 

So this means: Try all Carly functions for your model and discover your car!


What happen if you need help?


The Carly Support is at your disposal 7 days a week


We have a group of experts that can help you with any problem. There is no technical barrier that we not dare to overcome. We guarantee that we are able to handle all a solveable cases -
we offer you a world class customer service!
This has always been important to us.