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Limited availability for the introductory price!

Listen to your favorite music from a mobile phone through your car's sound system - wireless and in the best quality!

Your advantages:

  • No annoying cable connections anymore

  • Best possible music quality, because the transmission takes place via Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

  • Even car passengers can always play their music in your car

  • Distinct step by step installation guide will be supplied with your order

  • Carly support for all questions


The retrofitting of the Carly Bluetooth Multimedia / AUX interface enables the wireless transmission in best-possible audio quality by transmitting via Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Therefore, the retrofitted article sends the audio signal of a mobile device (e.g. Android phones/tablets, iPhone/iPad, laptop, iPod, MP3 player, ...) by the use of the bluetooth wireless technology to the sound system of the car.

We set a high value on compatibility and quality when choosing our product.

Additionally to the hardware, you get a step by step guide on how to install the article, as usual for Carly service quality. It isn't a plug and play solution, but with the help of the installation guide possible to install in just a few steps. The retrofitting of this product is possible for anyone with the use of the provided tools.

Special feature: There is no other company that provides step by step instructions and the needed tools for the hardware.

Moreover, you can contact our support, if you need help!


Carly Bluetooth Multimedia/AUX Interface is supported by VW Golf V and VI models with the following serial radios:

  • RCD 210
  • RCD 300
  • RCD 310
  • RCD 315
  • RCD 510
  • RCD 550


There are many more VW models that are compatible with the interface, but there isn't a step by step installation guide for other models yet. Therefore, please don't order this article yet, if you don't know how to install it yourself.