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With Carly Tuning you can up- and download tuning maps to your engine.

Your advantages:

  • Quick tuning with a simple click
  • Changing between tuning and normal state of your motor control device within a single minute
  • Saves both in one app – the old and the new recognition errors
  • Safe and high quality tuning files, individually customized for your specific car


3 Steps to get your tuning at a premium price!

1) Buy this cable

2) Check compatibility with our free app


3) Request offer from within the app, get the tuning ticket and load the tuning to your car


Notice: You can also get the tuning ticket right now to get started even quicker. The discount will be refunded automatically after purchase.





Tuning Tickets


You want to buy the Tuning-Ticket now and get started right away? 

We work together with premium German tuning professionals. Your tuning map will be optimized for you with the best achievable balance of increased power and engine durability!

Tuning for 1 or 3-series? --> Add this package ...

Tuning for 5-series? --> Add this package...

Tuning for 7, X5 or X6-series? --> Add this package ...


Interested in maximum speed unlock? (VMAX)

VMAX for 1 or 3-series? --> Add this package ...

VMAX for 5-series? --> Add this package ...

VMAX for 7, X5 or X6-series? --> Add this package ...


Extras wanted?

AGR off? --> Add this package ...

DPF off? --> Add this package ...



These models are supported



Diesel-Models from 2004 to 2007 (1-series E87, 3-series E90, 5-series E60, 7-series E65, X5 and X6)

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